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I have had a colorful life of drama, tragedy and comedy is my chosen point of view in challenging situations.  My calling in life was to be of service to others, and after I nearly died from a snow skiing accident, it became clearer to work as a psychic medium with my gift of E.S.P. that I returned to my body with.

My first university class was at the age of 8 years old and again at age 14 went to a community college, while in high school and took my G.E.D. and went away to study at 15 years old to live in the college dorms.  I’ve always been a trendsetter and always told that ‘I’m ahead of my time.’ Time is what I sell for a living as a psychic.  I will not ask for 10s of thousands of dollars, but ask to be paid by the minute for my time to focus in on issues that are of concern.  My biggest rush or excitement is when my clients form long term business relationships with me and I get to go through various stages in life with them to witness great success from taking accurate psychic advice.

My daily schedule is to wake early for coffee and take morning calls.  I do take yoga and aqua classes in the late mornings a few times a week.  I do spend most days writing blogs and taking psychic reading calls.  My family loves my daily Vlogs and we established a marketing firm, where she is the social media manager that has provided a title list of video topic requests for my YouTube channel videos.  I do run around Los Angeles filming scenes for my Wednesday night reality television show and can be found at Gower Studios every Friday night recording my iHeart podcast.

I live in Los Angeles, and even though I can walk everywhere, I have convertibles that are enjoyed when driving up the coast on the weekends.  You will most likely watch me watching TV and designing websites on my laptop.  I have worked for the biggest companies in music, movies and I.T., before becoming a mother and leaving corporate life to pursue the psychique corporation lifestyle.

My hobbies are writing, website design, sewing and bike riding, swimming and going to heavy metal concerts for fun.  My interests are astrology, crystal ball gazing, tarot cards and mythology.  My passion is hearing a client’s voice change from the beginning of a psychic reading call to saying good-bye with cheer and them sounding strong, confident and stable no matter what their prediction.

I consider myself a spiritual person as we all have ‘faith’ and ‘fear’ on each shoulder and my survival instincts are to seek out the ‘magic of believing’ by bending the forces of nature.  I’m not religious and believe it is all true to those that chose to believe it is true for them.  I believe that when the body dies that the soul energy continues with us through our thoughts and memories that can be read spirit’s messages by me during a session.

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Psychic Mom; Robin (Zodiac)

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